Sunday Funny: playing the phool

One of my favorite reads on the topic of grammar is Lynne Truss’  Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation. I discovered the book about a decade ago, but it remains extraordinarily relevant. That’s because this book tackles the tough subject with Truss’ light hand of humor.

Like her, I “…still find the panda joke quite funny, even after telling it two hundred thousand times.” Okay, maybe I haven’t told it that many times 😉

Did you know there’s a guide for teaching Eats, Shoots & Leaves? The companion for educators can be found in PDF format, downloadable for every stickler.

Another site agrees with the seriousness of grammar. According to Oxbridge Editing, grammar mistakes can be funny, or fatal.

“…the accidental omission or inclusion of commas in the wrong place can lead to some hilarious grammar mistakes, as this child’s writing mistake shows.”

Let’s eat grandpa.

Let’s eat, grandpa.

If you were grandpa, which would you prefer?

See more grammar mistakes with commas…


Read more mistakes with prepositions


Fun with heterographs (for those of you in the U.S. over age 40: homonym, under age 40: homophone…)

“The word heterographs literally means ‘different writing’. It refers to two words in the English language which have different spellings but sound the same. Some common examples are: Paws, pause, son, sun, need, knead, blew, blue…”

Special thanks to Oxbridge Editing for the quotes and pictures.



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