Top Twos-day: And the winners are…Steve Ward and Leonard Cohen!

Steve Ward’s ‘Urban Unity’ design won the Charlotte, North Carolina’s 2012 (Democratic) Convention Poster Contest. The piece “… was designed to celebrate diversity. We all have different political, economic, and religious views, but that’s what makes this country so special. Too often political arenas are used to shun other’s way of thinking and promote their own. We should all come together, unified, with ears and minds open.”

Yeah, I’m city proud! We’re welcoming the masses in September, so I needed to give a shoutout where one’s due! Ward deserves the honor for his visually appealing poster that perfectly complements the ‘new south’ we’re striving to promote.  See all the merchandise to grab a bit of the madness.

Canadian poet, novelist, singer, and songwriter Leonard Cohen, age 77, released his latest album in January. His rustic voice is a joy to hear again, and even though this one’s titled “Old Ideas”  there’s nothing stale here. Head on over to Speaking Cohen, a tribute… to sample
, scroll down and click on the soundcloud, to enjoy the sensual vibrations of a legend .

If you’d like to peek at his complete bio, check out Leonard Cohen Files, his collection includes such unusual titles as ‘Flowers for Hitler’  touted as his transition “from the world of the golden-boy poet into the dung pile of the front-line writer…”, ‘The Spice Box of Earth’, and many others. Addicted? Grab a fix on the Forum, where you’re in good company.

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