Top Twos-day: let the children lead us

Disney Digital Books has had a website where children can read over 600 of their storybooks online, create custom stories with their story-building application, and read along with their interactive look and listen books. Disney Publishing Worldwide has added an app that enables children to learn languages, beginning with their first release, translating Toy Story 3 for English-only speakers up to 100% Chinese learners. This language application, dubbed Digital Language Learning Product, offers a “brand that encompasses licensed language learning products sold at retail around the world…The Disney English curriculum has been endorsed and recognized by a team of world-class language/education experts.”

If you’re interested in hearing stories read by children pop over to Smories. They offer a place for unpublished writers to get their work published for free online. Though the site appears dormant, it was launched two years ago by London-based Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar and this year the dynamic duo added another kid friendly site for tots learning their letters, walphabet. This one says to visit weekly to view a new animated creature highlighting a letter on the “fresh, silly, fun and free alphabet site.” Not sure if they can keep it up, but send them some traffic and see what happens. They’re interested in feedback, so let them know: Smories and walphabet.

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  1. Roxie,

    I’d heard about Smories earlier but I’d forgotten. Thanks so much for re-introducing me to them. The walphabet was cute too. Isn’t it great when children lead us?

    Linda A.

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