Sunday Funny: punking fools

Some April Fool’s jokes are limitless and reveal no creativity. Then there are those that make you pause in amazement. The three I picked for this post are taken from ye ‘ol college crimes. Since AP’s jokes are especially rife on college campuses, I thought I share a few of the better ones, not those “You got Punked” grades C- puppies.

Back in 2003, Johns Hopkins issued this press release about their name. Complete with pictures and the statement, “No landfill, all removed letters will be recycled.” Brings new meaning to the question, “Plastic or Paper?”

MIT closed their Hall of Hacks back in 2001, just before April dawned that year. Which explains how MIT could not be involved in the infamous cannon caper of 2009…they just weren’t tangled up in moving the 1.7 ton Caltech cannon. Right?

This brings me to the University of Maryland’s parting President’s fighting words in 2010, “we needed an animal that’s actually unstoppable. Turtles are so stoppable. I kick those little f—ers around campus all the time.” His suggestion for their new mascot came from a trip to China. Hmmm-hmmm, you guessed it, cute and cuddly!

Happy April Fool’s Day, whether you’re on campus, an alum or just hanging around acting all scholarly! 😉



    1. Thanks Mar…somehow the joke was on me, spilling coffee on my latest read, then getting eaten by bugs while working in the yard! Hope yours was quiet 😉

      1. Perhaps we should turn a few things around, like us eating the bugs! Eh, nah, bad idea brrr.
        The only thing that was weird on April 1st was a cucumber in my bookcase… my son’s idea of a joke 😉

        1. very interesting sense of humor he has, guess it coulda been worse, some reptile could have greeted you…just saying 🙂 yeah, you’d be alone or with those odd chefs who eat anything if you turned the table and ate bugs, not for me 😦

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