Top Twos-day: Asperger’s and Blurb

Each Tuesday I’ll bring two items or people into focus. They may be books, authors, lists, whatever turned my head, landing on my radar. Stay tuned as each TOP TWOS-DAY unfolds…

Have you heard of Blurb? Blurb is a site for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to create a book, from design to finished product. Pricing varies along with style. Choose any format, size, length, and theme to craft your unique product. It is the new way to indie publish. Blurb offers hard copies, one to a few hundred, as well as the hot e-books everyone’s craving.  Want to publish grandma’s recipes, or a wedding album? Their tutorials will help you get started today. Check them out!

A new release out in May looks at the many faces of Asperger Syndrome. Asperkids: An Insider’s Guide to Loving, Understanding and Teaching Children with Asperger Syndrome  by Jennifer Cook O’Toole (Jessica Kingsley Publishers) addresses this topic from a mother’s perspective. O’Toole and her three children received the diagnosis: and she believes people should not fear the finding, but embrace it. O’Toole is also a teacher, and she shares secrets and tips in an additional book, due in November, “The Asperkids’ (Secret) Rule Book of Social Rules.”

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  1. Those books sound very helpful. Now if only there were some books to help adults navigate their relationships with those who have Aspergers. Our society always seems to be late with things, so it is best to start at the beginning and help parents first, but adults with Aspergers are already among us (many without a diagnosis yet) and few of the people they meet understand how to cope with the differences between us.

    I’ll have to go check out Blurb now. I know how to publish my ebook for free, so I’ll see if they have a free version, too.

    1. There was a book in one of my top twos-day posts written by a man with Asperger’s: His book released in January though it’s still trending, probably because there aren’t others out there like this. Great point, Sparks, we teach the parents and then eventually get around to the adults.
      I’m interested in your info about pub’g ebooks for free, I know I could pass this along as a post, quoting you, for there’s much buzz about free and freedom to get writer’s works out there.

      1. I went back to make sure I remembered seeing that post. My strongest inclination was to help my husband and nurture anything that would help
        him find his way to a bit of compromise, but he didn’t seem able to think in those terms. There was one specific way that he thought about other people that really surprised his doctor because it was so unexpected in someone with Aspergers and actually added greatly to our problems. I feel like I should write a book, but really it’s proper research by professionals that would help the most.

        My friend e-published through When she did it, not only was it free, but they gave her a free ISBN. When I went there to scope it out for my book, the ISBN was the same price as it is through the site the US government page sends you to. But Smashwords is still free unless you want to do something extremely fancy.

        1. Hi Sparks, I am so sorry, my friend, that you’ve had such a difficult time. Writing about is definitely one way to work through it, you probably do have material for a book.
          I know smashwords is an e-publisher, but I thought it cost a decent amount to format the material for all e-readers. The last person I spoke to about this was yesterday, and they’ve spent the $$$ to format but the guy didn’t do it for kindle or nook…perhaps that falls into the fancy category?

          1. I wonder if this person needed someone else to help format the book and paid them for that service? I just came back from looking over the Smashwords FAQ page, and they still say they are free and that ISBNs are free if a book file is formatted properly and accepted into their Premium catalog. They also say they support those e-reader formats you mention. My sister is a graphic designer who used to work in publishing, so she’s helping me with the formatting challenges (which don’t faze her a bit.) But if Smashwords did that for us, I’m sure they’d charge for it, too.

            I’m getting really nervous about this whole self publishing thing. I hate this kind of technical stuff, but there isn’t really much alternative these days.

            This does make me feel better about telling my sister that after she helps me, she should advertise her expertise at this formatting stuff to make some money in these hard times. I’m sure she’d charge a fair price for her
            services. 🙂

            1. I believe that was the case…I’ll see him tomorrow and ask.
              I know what you mean, what’s the best one to dive into and how much do we need to learn about the whole process to make sure we’re not getting the short end of the stick.
              Hey, sounds like your sister has a lucrative career opp on the side… 😉

    1. Oooo! glad to know, many people are emailing me to say the same thing! Reflections, after you check them out, let me know what your opinion is!

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