Sunday Funny: Wordplay Deuce

Today I bring you another installment of word play. For those unfamiliar with the game, it’s a lot like the popular game show Wheel of something… never mentioning them, it’s a play on their catagories, before and after.

Three years ago I was guesting on a site (now defunct) and came up with a rendition of word play for songs and songwriters. If you reblog, please remember this is copyright protected, and to credit Roxie Hanna. Here it is, recycled, but never before on my blog:

1) “Piano Man Won’t Get Fooled Again” by Billy Joel & The Who

2) “Get Up Stand Up Jeremy” by Bob Marley & Pearl Jam

3) “Fortunate Son Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone” by Creedence Clearwater Revival & The Temptations

4) “Voodoo Child Back In Black” by Jimi Hendrix & AC/DC

5) “Let’s Get it On Billie Jean” by Marvin Gaye & Michael Jackson

6) “November Rain Hurricane” by Guns n’ Roses & Bob Dylan

7) “If You Only Knew Yesterday” by Shinedown & The Beatles

8) “What’d I Say You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by Ray Charles & The Rolling Stones

9) “Comfortably Numb California Love” by Pink Floyd & 2Pac featuring Dr. Dre

10) “Layla Do You Feel Like We Do” by Derek and the Dominos & Peter Frampton

11) “Rocket Man Dancing In The Dark” by Elton John & Bruce Springsteen

12) “My Sweet Lord Losing My Religion” by George Harrison & R.E.M.

13) “Take It Easy London Calling” by The Eagles & The Clash

14) “Smells Like Teen Spirit Let It Be” by Nirvana & The Beatles

15) “I Got You (I Feel Good) Nothing Else Matters” by James Brown & Metallica

16) “Desperado Uprising” by The Eagles & Muse

17) “Break Tiny Dancer” by Three Days Grace & Elton John

18) “Brown Eyed Girl Beat It” by Van Morrison & Michael Jackson

19) “Born to Run The Long And Winding Road” by Bruce Springsteen & The Beatles

and a trilogy:

20) “I Want To Use Somebody Again” by Weezer & Kings of Leon & Flyleaf

more word play

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namaste  😉



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