Top Twos-day: never say elderly – two different approaches to parental care

Each Tuesday I’ll bring two items or people into focus. They may be books, authors, lists, whatever turned my head, landing on my radar. Stay tuned as each TOP TWOS-DAY unfolds…

Robert Clark Young has released Someday You, a documentary about his journey caring for his aging parents. While it’s not as polished as the Hollywood-ites screenplays, there’s an endearing and engaging quality in Young’s endeavor. Most recently, we swept the topic under the rug, yet Young boldly challenges viewers to support his efforts to provide dignity and care for his folks. Twice sold out on Amazon, probably due to the relentless efforts by both Young and creator Terisa Greenan, copies are available today on Amazon. He’s also the author of The Survivor: How to Deal with Your Aging Parents, While Enriching Your Own Life.

All over the marketplace you can find Jane Gross book, A Bittersweet Season: Caring for Our Aging Parents and Ourselves. Gross takes another approach to eldercare, an authentic “how-to guide” covering dozens of topics from choosing a geriatric specialist to moving your loved one into a nursing facility. Founder of the New Old Age blog at the New York Times, Gross has become an expert over the years on this taboo family topic. Her 448 page trade paperback is available now from Random House.

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6 thoughts on “Top Twos-day: never say elderly – two different approaches to parental care

    • What a gift, one side of my family has longevity and the other is minus and counting…you’re right, we want to give the next generation all we can! thanks for reading, my friend! 🙂

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