Sunday Funny: a book’s reputation begins with the title

Ever wonder about book titles?

Do people put a lot of thought into them? Should they?

There is a competition, although most authors don’t realize they’re in the running, called Odd Book Titles. Previous titles winners can be found at this site. lists some creative titles and authors, are they fiction or nonfiction? Check for yourself here.

Amazon chimes in with their two cents  (discount today only 🙂 ) one cent…they have a category for funny titles.

And then there are the brutally honest titles we’d like to see. Or perhaps not.


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17 thoughts on “Sunday Funny: a book’s reputation begins with the title

  1. aloha Roxie. I read this post last night. it is a fun post altho I did not comment at the time when I first read it. it wasn’t until I started to post my story/work just now that I realized just how much I liked this post and how the two posts were connected.

    also on your blog last night I read a couple of things about how writers think about titles when writing books. I find thinking about book titles fun and fascinating. This now has me thinking about Faux Book Covers in much the same way I enjoy creating Faux Postal Stamps. Fun on. aloha

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  3. I think the title of a book can either say a lot about the book’s content or nothing at all. Sometimes, we do not truly understand the meaning behind why the author chose that title until we have finished reading the book, and then you have that aha moment where you think” sooo that is why he/she chose that topic!” Sometimes it is a metaphor with a deeper meaning. I will usually choose a book based on the title and what the back says. However, I will skim some chapters which will help me choosing to read the book or not.

    • totally agree, sometimes the meaning is duplicitous…that’s my fav, when I can come up with something that a reader will ask, “Is it this, or this?”
      I’m with you on the chapters, too…tho’ if the cover grabs me, I’m sold, back is important, cause if the writer can’t write, it’s evident there…
      I appreciate your visit, love company and hope you come back soon! namaste 🙂

  4. Those were great–my two personal favorites being “Infection Highlights” and “Parish Ministers’ Hats.” I may have a copy of the latter in hardcover somewhere.

    As for book titles, I can say from experience they’re a pain to come up with. When I start a project, I usually have a working title that I assume I’ll change at some point but then never do!

    • Gosh, it’s so hard to believe they’re in print…didn’t someone along the way slap their forehead and say, “Hey guys, wait just a minute!” If you have a copy, you should take a pic and use it on your blog…what’s already out there is no indication of good choices 😉
      I agree, it is tough to pick a title, and I usually do pick a working one, it gets shortened to an acronym and then I refer to it as the letters until I begin picking chapter headings. Glad to see I’m not one pea in a pod, so to speak, 🙂 Thanks for hanging out with me!

    • Hey Ann! Good to see you my critique buddy! glad you had a laugh…I can’t pick my favs but I certainly got some ideas what NOT to do, hehehe!

  5. OMGosh – this Sunday funny has certainly tickled my funny-bone, especially the ‘we’d like to see’ titles! How enjoyable!! THX!! Claire

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