Top Twos-day: Nook’s very big day and YA Galahad series creator’s success

Each Tuesday I’ll bring two items or people into focus. They may be books, authors, lists, whatever turned my head, landing on my radar. Stay tuned as each TOP TWOS-DAY unfolds…

Fresh off the press this morning: Microsoft Invests $300 Million in a Joint Venture with Barnes & Noble…TechnoBuffalo reported the announcement earlier in the day. What this means to average Joes, Janes and their kiblets: “…the Nook will change from running the Android operating system to some version of Windows 8 once its released in the fall.” Time will tell how the trickle down system influences other operating systems. A breath of fresh air or a little CPR for an arresting Nook?

And since I’m talking smarts…let me introduce you to Big Brain Club prodigy of Dom Testa, who wants kids to know school is cool. Wait, didn’t someone do that already?  😉 Testa uses a different approach, stemming from his years as a broadcaster turned speaker shifting to author. This project which “…began with writing workshops and assemblies has grown into a national online community, a powerful in-school program that helps publish teenage authors, and a year-round schedule of professional presentations to student bodies and educators alike.” That’s worth shouting about – check out his blog, or any of his hugely popular YA Galahad series books.

More Top Twos-days…snark not necessarily included 🙂


  1. With Borders gone (*weeps tears*–I always walked to the one downtown during my lunch hour), I would love to see B&N do well. We need at least one major book chain to survive! Hopefully this will mean good things for B&N.

    Like you said, though… it remains to be seen

    1. I agree, I miss Borders…and I’d love to see new life into B&N, don’t know what’s in the cards for them… thanks for hanging with me 🙂

    1. I’m skeptical until I see what impact the money poured into B & N will do…I’ll render my thumbs up or down in the fall 🙂 thanks, Yordie, for hanging out with me, btw, love your blog!

      1. I enjoy hanging out here, lots of useful information. I find myself reading more and more blogs these days even thought I’ve been reading that blogging is dead. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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