Sunday Funny: Saturday Special


Cheers to the Kentucky Derby today! The most celebrated two minutes in sports. Food, drink, and hats are the prominent gossip. A few of the notorious trilbies take show, place, and win…a sampling:  what’s climbing on her head?  and this one reminds me of the Godfather movie, this dude is creepy!


How’s your knowledge of the language? Familiar with the term Bug Boy?  Did you know they use caulk on the bottom of the horses’ shoes for better traction? Check out the glossary at to learn more interesting and entertaining facts…


But before you do, fix the drink of the day: a mint julep. Muddle – gently press together – 🙂  one cube sugar and a handful of mint leaves, then pack glass with finely crushed ice and fill to rim with bourbon.


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  1. What a day for a long shot!! Got to love it!

    The other day I had a new drink introduced to me:

    Cilantro and Jalapeno fused Vodka (Just add to the bottle and let sit) Add Ice to glass, 1/8″ French cut Jalapeno, lightly crush Jalapeno slice (we used Cold beer bottle), sprinkle sliced Jalapeno lightly with margarita salt, add shot of fused Vodka, fill remainder of glass with Cranberry, drissle fresh lime/lemon into drink — Enjoy. It really is a uniquely refreshing drink. A new favorite.

  2. Funny hats on funny people haha, wonderful 😀 A whole circus for two minutes of horse racing. I love those animals 🙂
    Have a great and fun weekend, Roxie.

    PS If you want to see a Bug Boy (but I expect it to be a Bug Mother), you should take a small peek at Figments. Only a small. You are warned! Eeks!

  3. Morning Roxie. I was sent your blog address by one of my readers. So I thought I would introduce myself. I am cecilia gunthe. I am from New Zealand and living in the US. I write every day, in my blog, about the small sustainably managed, old fashioned farm I am developing out here on the prairies in Illinois.
    My readers are relentlessly telling me to turn some of the stories I tell about the farm animals and farm life into a book. Well three books actually. A children’s book, a book of short stories and a book following a year on the farm in short story form with pictures. In fact they have upped the ante on me and now they are sending me sites that may help me create the connections I need. So I shall be popping in as often as I can to keep abreast of your suggestions and may I say what a wonderful blog idea. Have a lovely weekend Roxie and a mint julip sounds mighty fine! c

    1. Hey Celi!
      So good to meet you…your blog is lovely, I look forward to reading more posts!
      Sounds like a great plan, writing a variety of books, you’ve gathered much material! I love hearing about other writers’ journeys, do keep me informed of your progress…if the posts here help, that thrills me, for that is my goal. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and many thanks to your friends for sending you here.

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