Top Twos-day: dynamic duo – Chemistry and YA

The hottest novel hitting the market, releasing May 15, 2012 is from Peter Carey, a two-time winner of the Booker Prize, finalist for the International Man Booker Prize, winner of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, and five-time winner of the Miles Franklin Literary Award. Sorry, building the suspense, the novel is…The Chemistry of Tears. Fanning my southern self, the book is about two strangers, a mystery, and automation. Curious? Check it out, read an excerpt…

In the YA category, Summer on the Moon by Adrian Fogelin is off to a great start. Released in April, this award winning author of Crossing Jordan, has left many of us breathless for more. Other works of hers: The Sorta Sisters, The Big Nothing, Anna Casey’s Place in the World, My Brother’s Hero, The Real Question, and Sister Spider Knows All. As Fogelin states on her blog, “If you read ‘The Big Nothing’ and have been wondering whether or not Jemmie ‘likes’ Justin you’ll get your answer in this book.”  See more at Peachtree Publisher’s website or read an excerpt…

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    1. Yes, I think so too…love the spectrum of chemistry of tears something grabs me about that title and pulls me in, Peter Carey is an Ahhhmazing writer, can’t wait to pick up this one 🙂

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