Sunday Fun: Nesting

Tuesday I came home from a weeklong vacation and discovered that a bird had nested on top of my front porch light. All is quiet in the nest, no bird comes or goes, so I don’t know to which species it belongs. If you have any ideas, please let me know…

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few odd places birds have nested. It is against the law in most states to disturb a nest until the fledglings have flown, but it’s amazing where some parents’ choose to build their homes.

Not just for the feathered friends – my fav: the elephant…

Get Inspired by Nature: my fav – ashtray “do not use…”

and in the awe-how-cute category, view an adorable baby in its nest…


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  1. Sometimes the young bird pairs aren’t quite clever enough to know where to build. We had a young dove couple work very hard to build a nest under the front porch – over the door. Would have been a wonderful spot except the over the door window ledge sloped downward. It was OK for sitting in the nest, but the eggs would have rolled out. We didn’t know what to do – they were so determined. Luckily – or not depending on POV- we had a storm with strong winds – the birds weathered it on the ledge, but the nest fell. We were glad they relocated to the oak tree out front. They just work so hard!
    Great post – hope the nest has been vacated for a better location.

    1. I’ve been wondering if they put all the effort into the nest and then needed to abandon it because I came back from vacation…the house was quiet, but our pet sitter still came by, hard to tell.
      nature takes care of those unstable things, glad the birds survived the storm at your place 🙂
      I’ll keep everyone posted…

  2. aloha Roxie – last autumn there was some electrical work done on the house and a small cover box placed over a junction (everything is outside or inside on houses here because it is all single wall construction – or mostly). so the top of the box was simply flat. and maybe a little smaller than a postcard. yep. within a month there was a bird nest and eggs on top of it. like you i didnt want to disturb them until the eggs could fly away. but i didnt really want the nest to continue there either. so… yeah, it’s still there – altho i’m not sure if it’s still in use.

    i think it’s a place that has advantages as it is close to the eve. so protected well from rain and wind – and cat’s would have a very hard time getting to it. plus while it’s in use the view – it’s easy to see anything going on below.

    nope. i dont know what kind of bird you may have. mine is probably a dove.

    a few weeks ago i did see a small nest about eye level in a macadamia nut tree i have. it had two wide chirping mouths in it. that’s how i noticed it. since then it has become empty. it too may have been doves. fun. aloha.

    1. aloha Rick,
      love when you stop by! Your nest story is ahhmazing…small nest for a big pigeon, hmmm, never would have thought that. I believe mine is a mockingbird, seems there’s one in the vicinity as I come and go, but it won’t sit on the nest if I’m entering or exiting the house.
      If it is a mockingbird, she moved from the tree in front of my office window where I had a perfect view for the last 4 years…the nerve, right?
      so kewl that you have macadamia nut trees…ahhhdorable baby birds, sounds like a project, hmmm?

    1. 😉 my plan is later to get up on a ladder, as long as the parents aren’t around to dive bomb me, and then snap some…I think it’s a mockingbird nest!

  3. I have a robin nest in my tree too, and I can see it out my office window. I love watching the little babies with their beaks wide open waiting for Mama.

    1. delightful! can you imagine the inspiration you are filling with as you watch? Omgosh!
      I think mine is a mockingbird nest, as one flew away from the porch this morning…super excited if it is, because they nest around my house every year, previously in my trees 🙂

  4. A perfect spot for a nest … warm at night, isolated and a ready supply of munchies attracted to the light … well chosen little birds 🙂

    1. I sure will, going to get a ladder to peek in a couple days just to make sure it’s not abandoned, cause there’s no activity 🙂
      thanks for stopping Kim

  5. Hmm, I think the ‘strange’ is a result of our own perspective in regard to the ‘where’ of nestbuilding. Also, with the continuing encroachment of humans everywhere birds must be flexible and adaptable in order to survive–and that means nesting wherever possible. Hope your new neighbors manage to do more than ‘build’. Enjoy their presence. I enjoy the resident sparrows who raise young every year in the space above the front door entrance. Gets a little dicey at times with the proximity of the door to the nest entrance–and very loud when bird issues arise. But otherwise we coexist without confrontations.

    1. You’re right, Eva, poor things are trying to make due as we encroach on thier space…Have lived here six years but this is the first time one’s nested on top of my motion-sensitive light, have turned it off, cause I heard it can start a fire. Don’t want to evict the sweet things. I can’t imagine they knew what they were getting into above the front door…mockingbirds nest all the time in my side tree outside my office window offering me a fab view of the nest, but I still don’t know who this one belongs to…

  6. A true gift to experience nature so close to our abode and our observations. For those who never toil, industriously trusting the way, showing us, who toil daily, where to rest our worries; in a nest.

  7. I can’t determine what kind of feathered friend you have there.

    It reminds me of the time a few years ago when a dove made a nest in a brass eagle we had over our front door. It laid one egg which hatched a few weeks later. The dove never moved off the egg even when we left the house or took photos. I should post the pics.

    Imagine that, a dove making a nest on an eagle, the national bird of the U.S. (a natural predator of the dove which is also ironic)

    Then a duck laid twenty-one eggs in a bush next to the house. One night a predator got to them and destroyed several, leaving only a handful which eventually hatched. One day we saw the mother duck lead the babes to a pond next to the house. It was delightful.

    1. Hey Ron!
      hard to tell, I know, but the nest seems round and nothing is visible at the top, so I’m wondering if it’s abandoned, will check in a couple more days, I don’t want to frighten anything 🙂
      amazing, love the stories about the dove and the duck, too cute, babies 🙂

  8. Roxie,
    What a pleasant surprise. I guess birds feel protected being that close to human homes. My sister has birds nest in hanging baskets on her front porch year after year. We’ve had one build in a corner of our front porch. I think it was a house wren. Not sure. Enjoy watching the nest. Let us know if you see activity in the future.

    1. I thought so too…my pet sitter came by everyday, and there’s still no sign of movement, I’m wondering if it’s abandoned…right above the front door, I shall peek in a couple days, I’m very curious. 🙂

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