on this day I pause…

humbled and heartfelt thanks to all our veterans


21 thoughts on “on this day I pause…

  1. I love seeing how communities honor their veterans with different styles of memorials – and usually in the simplest but most beautiful way. Thanks for the pics, Roxanne.

    • Me too, can’t resist peeking, tells a lot about a place, don’t you think? The location is gorgeous, they picked a winner with this one. thanks, Kim for hanging around to read and share your thoughts 🙂

    • me too…when I was there it was very moving…spent about two hours taking pics and writing
      the monument is ahhmazing, glad I could capture it!

  2. What a beautiful, tranquil spot for this memorial. Thanks for sharing it, and honoring our heroes!

    • it was lovely and very moving…spent about two hours taking pics and writing, so glad to be there! thanks, Claire for your time on such a sacred day 🙂

    • Thank you, Ron…we are forever grateful for your selfless service.
      I wanted to use few words, and convey my heartfelt gratitude, I hope I succeeded

      • You certainly did. Thanks again. My sister-in-law is going to Hilton Head next wk. A good friend of ours, a retired Navy Capt. and doctor lived in Beaufort for several years while in the Navy. We’re supposed to go up to Beaufort sometime in the future with him. He will give us a guided tour.

    • very welcome, appreciate your thoughts…my idea was to let the pictures speak…the gray sky, water in the background, omg it was a chill-bump moment when I was there, it’s a beautiful memorial

    • Hey Linda! It was my joy to discover this memorial…spent close to two hours snapping pics and writing. Wherever my travels take me I seek historical and memorial sites…Beaufort is another inspirational spot of mine, besides Charleston. Love the lowcountry 🙂

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