Spotlight: Eleanor Bennett

Today I welcome 16 year old photographer phenom Eleanor Bennett to the spotlight. She began her craft at the age of 12, collecting recognitions ranging from the only UK individual to have her work presented in the National Geographic and Airbus run, to the youngest artist displayed in Charnwood Art’s Vision 09, and New Mill’s Artlounge Dark Colours Exhibition. Numerous exhibits dot the globe in the UK, France, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Japan, and Australia, plus she’s racking up copious contest and publication credits including the Telegraph, the Guardian, and the BBC News Website, while simultaneously snagging books and magazines covers in the United States and Canada. Bennett’s style and approach is 100% serious, her camera focused on her subject and her eye on the finished project.

Q) Tell us what’s been the best subject or your favorite, and what’s a theme or topic you don’t think you’d like to capture again?

A) I find one of the best subjects to be ruined objects. “Situations which make me reflect and ask why the hell do humans do this type of thing?” If you find beauty in all of that you must be achieving stuff. I don’t want to capture flowers and grasshoppers again. I want to stretch my creativity.

Q) You’ve certainly done that! With your considerable resume, do you ever stop and wonder where you’ll be in five or ten years?

A) Mainly front covers, trying to get taken more seriously. A few interviews and artist featuring. I’ve no idea where it is all going to take me but I work hard and wake early. There is an opportunity just waiting for me to claim it. I’m good at being there to grab something.

Q) All the work you’ve done is paying off. What’s your latest project, and where do you see this one taking you?

A) I was recently offered a flight to NYC by a contest run by a magazine I was due to be published in. You have to reach out those feelers and connect. I sold a few prints with the saatchi gallery last year (gilt groupe sale). I’m just waiting to get my claws into an education grant for all this hard work.

Q) Exciting! Keep us posted on that one. Switching it up, what would you say influences your choices as subjects when you are out seeking a great photo shoot?

A) Has it been taken before? Do I feel it, is it bad luck if I don’t shoot it? well I’ll grab it. What setting? Its low light flash burst I think. I want that grain , not minded about the lost of quality. Can’t do raw , my software won’t let me. Take about 50 of this, up, down, around, below. I just need one good frame. All the effort is worth it.

Q) Many shots just to equal one good frame, sounds like you’re relentless. What do you do if you’re not satisfied with a shot?

A) I took a frame a couple of months ago, only turned out 500kb. Enlarged it to 8mb and now it’s the front cover of the Delinquent (starfish).

Q) It turned out better that you would have imagined! What do you recommend for people who are interested in achieving ideal photos?

A) Irfanview is a life saver when resizing for those not able to afford photoshop.

Thanks, Eleanor! Good luck with all your projects and we look forward to following your amazing career as it progresses.

To find Eleanor Bennett’s work check out Motley Press, Able Muse, Educe Journal, Penduline Press, and Polka Dot Punks. Read more about Eleanor Bennett at her website, Idol Magazine, and on her Facebook Fan Page.

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    1. Oooh, I agree! Sounds like you have grabbed quite a few…sometimes we realize too late the opportunity missed.
      Really appreciate all your thoughts Russel, very encouraging 🙂

    1. Excellent, Geoff I like your honesty! really appreciate your insights, love, love, love your work 🙂
      At 16 she has a long ways to go, but by god she’s on her way!

    1. I agree, writerlious, she’s extraordinarily young and already marketable, I’m going to watch where she goes next, thrilled for her!

    1. I know! Which is why I didn’t ask her any questions that most people ask young adults…she’s so focused and is sky-rocketing her way into the record books!

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