I can’t believe the month of June is almost gone. The fourth of July is around the corner and it seems like every year, passing that mark, wraps up summer – because before I can even blink – August flashes by.

Since I’m bringing a monthly column about ghostwriting, I thought I’d update on a more personal level. From the middle of May until the last weekend in June I’ll have logged more driving hours than I care to add up in gas money.

But, the projects are on target, my vacation is a speck in my review mirror, and these remaining two weekends in June find me staggering toward the last three places before a few weeks planting my feet at home.

Destination ahead: Greenville again, along with Asheville in the same weekend, and then on to Clemson. Yeah, it could be worse, no work, no money, no travel. I’m not complaining about working weekends, weekdays and nights, okay maybe whining a bit…

However, during all those trips I’ve managed to meet and keep in touch with some pretty interesting people. Some will turn up later, several will stay undisclosed per contractual agreements, and a few will be glad that I don’t name them here. Been an awesome ride! 🙂

Besides traveling, I’ve signed on to edit two more clients’ manuscripts, and purchased nine books, rounding out my summer reading to an officially impossible list.

Yet I still aspire to do more in these longer hours. The sun summons me to my deck, the flowers and birds beckon me to breathe in tranquility, and my writing idly waits until my muse snaps alive.

I am a writer and editor for others, pining for my pieces spotlight, yet extraordinarily satisfied. Energy abounds! Summer’s in full swing.

Come cool off and chat, set a spell and I’ll pour you a glass of sweet tea. 😉

Do dish about how your summer’s shaping up. Whatcha reading? Where have you been or are going?


26 thoughts on “Forays

  1. Sighs. I love summer! But, alas, I’ve already had my vacation this year. So sad! I went to NYC, which was awesome, but now I’m left to my lil ol city for the rest of the summer. Wah!

    Hope your vacay was fun!

    • Ohh, NYC is a great place for vacation, especially if it’s not in the heat of summer! I enjoyed my vaca back in May…this was a combo work surrounded by the lap of luxury, the way to go when one’s slaving away at writing, LOL!

  2. Make that real lemonade…grew up with that sweet tea. Nothing like digging in the dirt gives the mind a chance to revel in texture and wander a bit…all fertilizer for future writing.
    Ah, time for the livin’ to be easy

    • no prob…make a wicked lemonade, too. oooh, had no idea you’re a southerner, Phil!
      absolutely, digging in the dirt is definitely fertilizer, excellent choice of words, hehehe!

  3. i’m going to the beach. then the beach. then disney for a week. then the beach. and, um. not sure. would loooove to travel more, maybe southerly direction.

      • when the beach is literally a three-minute walk, the beach trips tend to add up. i should be there by about 1pm today. have to pick up my kid first or i’d be there sooner.

          • yes, literally three minutes, depending on how fast you walk. i once counted 800 steps from my door to where you first touch sand. after literally doing the math, it’s about four minutes from door to sand. my bad.

  4. Hey Roxie! You sound positive about the future and that’s inspiration for me. It must be satisfying to be on target with your projects — looks like we’re both waiting for the muse. About my plans — I plan to get hard copies of my Kindle published book and do readings in the city. As far as vacation — I’m thinking a small trip just a train ride away maybe. It was on my mind today in fact. I just had to put down a Bernard Malmud book, the Fixer, after forcing myself to read it for the last month — he’s brilliant but I don’t know why his editors allowed all those useless passages — oh well… I hope that we both enjoy a brilliant summer!

    • Yes! glad to inspire, the future’s all we have…SCB, and I know there’s always seasons. Every year in May and June I know are my heavy travel seasons, and then it slides off for a few months, kicking into high gear again in the fall.
      Congrats on your upcoming hard copy publishing and readings! Yay!
      You know, if you do take the train, blog about it, I’d love to read about the experience, of course if you write anything I’m over there reading it – sharp, girl, very sharp!
      One day I’ll blog about the editing side of things, cause you’re not the only one who’s noticed the drastic change (for the worse) of the quality of books, even by gifted writers. I agree, BTW, but there’s not too much authors can do about it.

  5. It’s going to be a long hot summer in the south. If I still had my wings, I’d fly north. But I am resigned to melt as I write each day.

  6. Roxie,
    You have to be southern to the core if you’re offering a glass of sweet tea. Am I right? And who grows these lovely flowers? If you say you do, I believe you garden in your sleep. 🙂 When else would you have time?

    • tis true Linda, I love to play in the dirt…herbs, flowers, veggies, fruits, that’s how I stay sane, *eyebrow raise* I think, hehehe. Yesterday I was out for a mere 30 minutes but planted, weeded and picked. Once the mulch is down, it’s easy to maintain, tho I should say a gardener would be an inpiration for my writing *wink*
      yes, southern roots run deep, down to Georgia as a matter of fact 🙂

      • You’re amazing. What are the purple and white flowers? The variety is so well thought out and restful to the eyes. Refreshing! Everything looks lush and heathy too. Show us that green thumb. Thumbs up!

        • if I remember correctly they’re some sort of miniature hollyhock something…the nursery suggested this arrangement and I just nodded and shelled out the $$…I tell them what area I need to cover and they suggest plants…yesterday I found a gardenia for the side of my house, the guy was so sweet, telling me how to care for it! I’m great at following directions, LOL.

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