sci-fi anthology seeking subs

Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction

edited by Hannah Strom-Martin and Erin Underwood

seeks young adult science fiction stories and poetry

accepting works which “…sparks the imagination, twists the heart, and makes us yearn for the possibilities of a world yet to come.”

deadline June 30, 2012


I share “no fee” writing opportunities and contests: gathering this information from various sources. I advise “caveat emptor” or in this case, let the writer beware when a venue is unknown to you.

If you know of a venue open to subs contact me: roxiewillbe(at)live(dot)com. In the subject line please state: “writing opportunity”

For more opportunities check ‘Quick Finds’ or ‘Want More?’

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2 thoughts on “sci-fi anthology seeking subs

  1. Much YA fiction writing is of a higher quality than so called ‘adult’ fiction. Why? Have to catch and KEEP the young readers’ attention with more than junk. Thanks for this lead.

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