twins times two!

In a post a few weeks ago I mentioned that a bird of unknown species had assembled a nest on my porch light fixture…the mystery is solved: four wee Mockingbirds emerged earlier this week!



trio – one’s tucked on the other side:





    1. I was pretty thrilled to learn which birds had built it, now I can’t wait to see them grow, soon as I get back, I’ll check on em again
      thanks, Eva, you’re right, more than one song by now 🙂

    1. I look at the nest in amazement, two birds flew back and forth in a matter of days building this sturdy nest and now their home is full! always appreciate your visits and comments, Geoffrey

  1. I love it! What a gift! The one to the left in the first photo’s name is Rosey…she has my smile! Hahahaha!

  2. Their Mama chose a good porch to nest her babies in. It’s a win-win situation – Mama doesn’t need to worry about the safety of her wee ones, while you get to watch, and wonder, and write about what you see – just outside your ‘window’ – can’t wait to hear it!!

  3. I’m just a guy with a limerick reply…

    Your light is a place for a birds nest,
    A spot where the chicks really do rest;
    Their eyes are still closed,
    I love how they’re posed,
    It looks like their mother did her best.

    Compliments of Humorous Interludes

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