Top Twos-day: something borrowed something blue

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Each Tuesday I’ll bring two items or people into focus. They may be books, authors, lists, whatever turned my head, landing on my radar.

Stay tuned as each TOP TWOS-DAY unfolds…


E-Libraries: KOLL – Kindle Owners’ Lending Library still has some issues to work out, but since its inception, the out-of-the-box library isn’t as quirky as once thought. Originally offering more numerous self-pubbed novels, that’s now not the case. A wide selection of NYT bestsellers are available. A great article (April 2012) about the pros and cons can be found at ZDNet… But, did you know your local library may lend e-books? A recent syndicated article (Chicago Tribune) cites a poll that indicates “…62 percent of readers didn’t know if their library had e-books for lending, and only 12 percent of Americans 16 and older who read e-books had borrowed at least one from a library in the past year.” Most libraries use OverDrive, compatible with all types of readers. Time to visit the virtual library…


In March, Mercer University Press released Marly Youmans’  A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage. Multi-talented Youmans has penned novels, poetry, and young adult works but never before drew on her family history. The Depression-era novel traces the life of a young orphan jostled about by life’s unyielding pressure, refining his spirit as he struggles into adulthood. Heard it before? Not like this, Youmans gift is her prose, described as “…the finest, and the truest period novel I’ve read in years…” and as an “…exceptionally satisfying novel with rich language and lovely turns of phrase that invite the reader to linger on every page.” How does one chew on literary fiction, finding the sweet and savory? Linda McCullough Moore has some suggestions… (Books and Culture) and is full of praise for Youmans latest. Sample A Death at the Whit Camellia Orphanage…

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  1. Before having children I would not be able to tell you the last time I had used a public library … nowadays I’m in at least once a week and for sorts of things 🙂

    Love the pic btw

    1. very true…one day I’ll plug ‘friends of libraries’ groups just to shine a spotlight on heroes in local communities, so vital that we fund public libraries.

  2. Almost forgot to say how much I liked the pix. It’s just so summer. ( and so is info about public libraries – which have morphed to have some amazing things available now – thanks for giving them a plug! Public libraries in the US are something we all should be interested in supporting – even if you do only use e-books.)

    1. excellent question: usually use a system with time limited license…some may or may not have renewal capability. ‘Check’ out your local library: you can read on a pc for free, no device necessary!

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