empty nest syndrome

An update on the Mockingbirds nesting above my porch light: they are flying! OMGosh can’t believe the babies are out of the nest already…I’m thrilled that they’re strong enough but sad to see the little peeps head out into the world!


Read  June 22: they poked their lil heads out of the nest…

 See  May 27: I came home from vacation and there was this massive nest…

 Today: 😦



    1. Perhaps, tho’ Geoffrey I hope they won’t return to the light…I switched it off because it was a motion detector…a pair has been hanging around nesting in my trees every year, don’t know why this one was different 😉

    1. very true…they greeted me every morning and they were there in the evening, now the nest should come down, and my light can function again, LOL

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