Top Twos-Day: Summer Reading Lists

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It seems everyone around me has a summer reading list, and they’re already lagging lazily in check marks. Add to those ‘must reads’ I bring you two lists worthy of attention:

NPR’s Lesser Known Lit List (part of their 2012 Summer Reading Series) and Kirkus Reviews Tops Ten Summer Books, (though I think Kirkus Reviews Children’s blog links to their collection of notable books released in the past few months are equally impressive as a summer reading list).

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    1. so right! I don’t make lists for things I can’t cross off anymore, LOL…self-defeating, dontcha think? appreciate your comments Eva! 🙂

  1. Many decades ago I had a reading list, but the only list I keep now is a list of any Stephen King books that I haven’t read. Thus the list usually only has one book on it: his latest……

      1. My husband works for Barnes & Noble, and the previous 38 years for Borders/Waldenbooks/Brentano’s. I have 500 or so pre-published and uncorrected proofs of books that I haven’t read, including a complete Stephen King collection, many with autographs. If I’m caught up on King, I blindly pick a book off of my PPUP bookshelves.

        I just finished an uncorrected and autographed proof of T. Jefferson Parker’s “Summer of Fear,” published in 1993. It’s fun reading the uncorrected proofs particularly to laugh at some of the errors the printers and copyeditors make to laugh at some of the errors the printers and copyeditors make.

  2. Can’t imagine when I’d get to read these, but – – –
    Broken Harbor (Tana French), Beautiful Ruins (Jess Walter), The Sandcastle Girls (Chris Bohjalian), and OF COURSE, Farewell to Arms (Ernest Heingway) with 47 endings as a tutorial – OMGosh – how marvelous. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks, Roxie, for the list updates to add to my kinda already checkless lists! The only list receiving less checks on my desk is my summer writing list! Oops! ;-( Better get crackin’! 😉

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