Top Twos-Day: S is for Scientific Art and Seriously (Affordable) Scanning

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Ever wonder how to convey serious information to visual learners? There’s a new group of young artists teaming up with scientists to create art: “Science inspires art. And the art inspires questions.” The concept developed out of Joe’s Big Idea (What’s Your Big Idea Video Contest): an NPR experiment exploring how ideas become innovations and inventions. Check out all the images…

Have you heard of 1DollarScan? Developed in Japan as BOOKSCAN, this company scans print books to e-book format. While they’ve been in the U.S. for a year, the model is attracting attention due to the product’s versatility, Our PDFs can be read across many devices, like the iPad, iPhone, Kindle and so on.”  Read more…

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  1. two interesting topics.
    Comment about the scanning. When I worked with publishers in Mexico, it was odd to US markets that their print runs were pretty low – and that they rarely made second run of a title. (Hard on institutions that would order current books only to find those were sold out and out of print.)The publishers shrugged and said no chance of second runs because (1) people who were going to read the book had already bought and read it, and (2) most people in Mexico just borrowed a book and ran over and photo copied it. That’s just the way it was.
    the $1DollarScan will be popular – you would think print publishers would be going crazy over the potential?
    Thanks for finding all this stuff for us!

    1. That’s fascinating…I had no idea, but it sure makes sense…photocopy books! Good info Phil. Yes, I wonder what’s going to happen once this is mainstream, tho’ PDF files haven’t really been a problem, or EPUB3 which has benefitted writers the most. Time will tell. My pleasure, and thank you! 😉

  2. I’m just a guy with a poetic reply…

    They now have a thing that does dollar scans,
    It’s a winner, not one of those also rans,
    Just one buck to digitize,
    The price is a big surprise,
    In no time they’ll have a great many fans.

    Compliments of Humorous Interludes

  3. While I cringe at the thought of books being broken apart and destroyed for this process I do see where it can be very useful. The move toward electronic books is a needed one, espeically in regard to natural resources for traditional printing, but some of us do love the experience of a 3 D book creation.

  4. Roxie,

    I hadn’t heard of $1DollarScan. Wow, I’m surprised publishers and authors aren’t screaming about copyright, royalties, etc. Maybe I’m missing something, but I would think this would cause not just a stir, but a tidal wave. What’s up with this?

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