Sunday Funny: lyrical madness

Sometimes our ears fail us, as in the case of song lyrics. We may hear something that is totally different than what the vocalist is chanting. I’m guilty of singing improper stanzas, are you?

Newslite TV highlights…

And not for the faint of bladder or those under 18…

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  1. Thanks for the laugh. I’m guilty of hearing lots of lyrics wrong. 🙂 As a matter of fact, I wrote a post last summer that rose out of my trouble with Creedence Clearwater’s “Green River.” “There’s a bathroom on the right” is one of my favorites — a lot of us heard that!

    1. that’s my guilty one too, along with big ol’ chad had his light on for big old jet airliner by the Steve Miller Band…so glad you giggled, Sparks! 😉 would love to read your post…

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