Sunday Funny: In the News?

sometimes the tongue twists,

sometimes it slips for these news anchors…

and sometimes it’s just a case of pure giggles 😉



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  1. Of course the male anchor was able to get out the passing gas story! 🙂 Definitely takes someone with a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at oneself in order to be in news broadcasting!

  2. Maybe it would have been fairer for the Dalai Lama if they’d had one pizza with everything there as a visual…for him to munch on as a consolation prize for not getting the question.
    I’m still laughing at the “passing gas” clip–my son-in-law is a police officer–when I told him about it he howled, saying drunks can ruin you evening in more than one way!

    1. Oh, could you picture that, a pizza with everything on it, and the news guy trying to explain it? hehehe! wow, the stories your SIL could tell, Marylin, would fill a few novels! 🙂

    1. by far that was my favorite mlatimerridley…here they are seriously into an interview and the guy drops an unsuccessful joke on the Dalai Lama and then keeps going to try to translate it, LOL!

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