Top Twos-Day: Power Tool

Resources are vital to us. I was chatting the other day with a fellow writer/artist who was not aware of some great ones out there. Here are two:


Duotrope – lists free resource for writers of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction…you’ll be amazed at their database!


SPAWN: Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network – a place of information, resources and opportunities for authors, freelance writers, artists or owners of publishing companies.


I encourage you to grow in knowledge and use your power tool – namaste 😉


More Top Twos-Day…


  1. Thank you for this. I need every gentle push I can get in terms of geting myself ‘out there.’ I’ve had so much personal rejection in life that it’s hard to risk more of it past WordPress. I’ve had all I can take with this hard summer’s dearth of readers, but I’m gearing up to try new avenues in the fall. I just hope my spirits don’t fail when autumn’s short, gray days fall upon us.

    1. Hang in there. I feel like no one has interest in reading what I write sometimes and then a thought came to me “Write ti write, create to create” so I will write and drop expectations. 🙂

    2. Hey Sparks, I know it’s been a tough time for ya…love your tenacity, and don’t let anything stand in the way of reaching YOUR goals and dreams…whatever I can do to encourage you, I’m there, sweetie!

        1. oh yes…and all the links your heart desires…hey, did you stop to think what others will assume this conversation is about???

          okay folks, author Mike is gonna be in the spotlight soon…jess sayin 🙂

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