Sunday Fun: Mumford and Sons

Every once in a while a group comes along with a unique sound. Mumford and Sons is one of those musical assemblages. If you’re unfamiliar with them, or only have a few minutes, please fast forward the first video clip to the 26 minute mark and enjoy their playful banter (listen for the “Blink Zone” joke). Then stick around to hear one slice of their multifaceted talent. Perhaps you’ll find your toes tapping along with them, setting your joyful spirit free.


My favorite is their new release, I Will Wait…here’s I Will Wait from the official cover


And here’s the band performing I Will Wait in Canada – watch the left top for the close up…



More Sunday Fun…



        1. I’m in the newbie camp! and when I find something fab, I want to share, hehehe. So glad you found them already, and enjoying their awesomeness Kate!

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