Top Twos-Day: Kickstart a magazine and Poetry Presale

One Story Teen is a new literary magazine seeking funds to publish a young adult print and digital content magazine. The backers are asked to donate under the Kickstarter platform: brought to you by the creative peeps at One Story. If you’re unfamiliar with either One Story or Kickstarter, I suggest you check them both out, they are the future…

Deserving of mention is Poet Bill Wesse’s latest release, Rebus Mundi (Main Street Rag, Sept. 18, 2012). Presales continue until September 4, and at $5 for this hard copy (not digitally printed) it is a deal! Reading samples are under the sales info, scroll down to discover more about Bill and his tireless support of the publishing industry as past partner in Main Street Rag Publishing Company. “Bill Wesse is a former cold war USN submariner, a software mechanic (27 years with Microsoft), an occasional and erratic writer, and an advocate for people affected by mental illness.” This work has been ‘coming soon’ for a while, and it is well worth the wait!


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