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Welcome autumn! With the change in seasons, I want to announce my next series will be on the topic of editing and begins Friday, September 14, 2012. The plan is for a weekly column instead of monthly (see the ghostwriting series here), because there is much more territory to cover. I’m also offering commenters an opportunity to win fabulous editing packages. Stay tuned for details.

As an editor, I’ll speak from my viewpoint…not for the rest of my peers out there. What I’ve found, first from a pure writer’s position, and then I’ll move over to stand under my editor’s hat and tell you what that perspective is like.

Because I do both, I want to share with you ways you can become a writer who effectively edits. Writers fall in love with all their words, characters and settings…how do you feel about deleting, cutting, and altering your works? Since the challenge is being able to stand back and get a full picture of the piece, are you prepared?

My goal is to bring you answers to such questions as: How do you begin editing? Are there steps or methods to apply in editing your own work? How can I tell if a character lacks dimension? What is the big deal about point-of-view? What is meant by transition? When is it ok to use the passive voice?

No matter what you write – songs, fiction, technical pieces, children’s works or anything in between – the weeks ahead will be humor-filled with a touch of seriousness, all wrapped in some sensational suggestions. Okay maybe a bit over the top, but it’s going to be helpful (doesn’t sound as eye-popping, now does it?). Join me, I pinky-swear you’ll learn something.;)


Read the rules for the editing giveaway…
The series continues:

effective editing: it’s not terminal or is it?

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effective editing: A is for Action

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effective editing: What do you C?

effective editing: One Disguise

effective editing: Two – Rhythm and Reason

effective editing: Three – challenge, compare, and contain

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  1. Marvelous – can’t wait to find out how/when/why/which ‘darlings’ need to have their heads chopped off!

    1. you are so right, Sparks, self-editing is a maze! I hope to offer some keys and insights so that the process is more straightforward, thanks for hanging out with me! 🙂

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