Sunday Funny: diversity training via the government

I’m right there with you on the words area a powerful thing, and I believe we all need to be more aware of the language we use. That said, I wonder aloud if the government is ‘sensitive’…and the answer to that is an affirmative yeah-no!

Reported in the UK Daily Mail Online, there are phrases the US state department suggests are offensive and should immediately be removed from employees’ vocabulary. Included are ‘going Dutch’ which concludes one is cheap if s/he is from  the Netherlands, and ‘rule of thumb’ is offensive to women all across the world”… because the phrase derives from ‘an antiquated law, whereby the width of a husband’s thumb was the legal size of a switch of rod allowed to beat his wife…’”

 I didn’t know that one…so I’ll agree with them, remove it! More of the state department’s ideas…

Michelle Malkin has a great article on the above issued decree…check out her stab at it here.

NY City Dept. of Education is waging war er, um can’t say that word, waging a campaign, so far so good… on offensive words, including dancing, divorce and disease, but Mercedes is ok. Read the full list of 50 + ‘potentially offensive’ words…

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Funny: diversity training via the government

  1. HA! You beat me to it on this one.
    You have to laugh at the idiocy – but unfortunately some agencies and groups are taking this as a serious non-joking issue and insisting everyone be “sensitive”. GAG. So sick of people lecturing.

    First, who has time to come up with this stuff? – Oh, well, that position should be eliminated to leave money to fund important stuff…like building/repairing schools.

    People need to lighten up and get a sense of humor.
    And with that all in mind. this post is funny, funny…(funny as in “joke”, right? If you don’t like that interpretation – just think funny as in “odd”)

  2. I’m just a guy with a poetic reply…

    We walk on eggs when we converse,
    We must be mindful of diverse.
    We can’t say those forbidden words,
    They are as dangerous as turds.
    To think or say them, which is worse?

    We’ll watch our tongues whence we do speak,
    Those certain words we must not leak.
    We’ll stand there mum,
    As if we’re dumb,
    Or much disdain is what we’ll reap.

    Compliments of Humorous Interludes

  3. oh Lordy–I wish I could say my government was spending its time more wisely than ferreting out the etymology of slang terms to look for possible offenses. Ack! Thank you, White Buffalo, for getting it said! 😉

  4. Hi Roxie. Guess what, I’ve HAD it with Political Correctness that leads to such stupidity. Yes, I’m going to be very INCORRECT and use the word “stupidity” in regard to such removals of words and phrases just because the people making such lists are offended by what THEY think the words/prhases reflect. O yes, the ‘rule of thumb’ is indeed a real historical phrase from the context of a particular time period in which men were, yes they WERE allowed to beat their wives with sticks no larger than the circumference of their thumbs. Going Dutch has NOTHING to do with offending Dutch People! All of this is of the same ilk ot thinking that is offended by people discussing THINGS that offend them. No thought is given to the concept that discussing something does NOT indicate advocating it. Consider the bannings of Twain’s Huck Fin and you get the idea. The same mental lackness demands the removal of the word ‘nigger’ from Huckleberry Fin. O yes the word is offensive –it was MEANT to be by those who held a racist mindset. But to remove the word is an offense to Twain who wrote in order to EXPOSE such racist mentalityby holding up a very unflattering mirror. Now what happens when part of the reflection in the mirror is Eliminated and Denied? A lack of reality, truth–a LACK that destroys the context. To expunge words and phrases does NOT eliminate the reality. It denies it. Oh and for the folks who stil think Huck Fin is a children’s story–WAKE UP! It’s NOT! It wasn’t meant to be.
    I am offended by War, I want the word “War” removed from the vocabulary and all dictionaries and lists. No one will be allowed to say the word “war”. There, that should put an end to all war. Right? Not. Oops, sorry that won’t work.
    I am solely responsible for the content of this rant. So any offended readers should NOT hold Roxie responsible for my thoughts regarding this issue.
    Thank you, Roxie, for getting my circulation flowing with this post.

  5. Hi Roxie. I will fully agree with the removal of the phrase ‘Going Dutch’! 😉 And as for the ‘Rule of thumb’, I don’t even dare to ponder upon that one, out of fear I’ll be too mad for the rest of the weekend, lol. How dared they?!
    Have a funny Sunday, dear.

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