Spotlight update: Middle Grade Author Bryan Dearsley

Bryan’s been busy since the last time he was in the Spotlight, penning his second middle grade historical fantasy novel in the Alex Mortimer series. “Alex Mortimer & The Tombs of Atlantis” launches with a “crowd funding” project to help finance the writing, and editing process of the book (more here). Recently I mentioned the unique opportunities at, a place where creative people share their projects with friends, family and fans in order to raise funds for a project, as well as to get input about its direction.

“A print run of the first book in the Alex Mortimer series was produced this past Christmas to test the market. Sales have already topped 1000, with additional copies sold on Amazon in North America and Europe. The story has also been shared in schools, libraries, reading groups and at various events. The response has been tremendous, and the input from these groups is always welcome and extremely valuable. A number of related programs aimed specifically at encouraging student participation will also be created. The same writing techniques – chapters that end with a cliff hanger, and with plenty of action – will be adopted for The Tombs of Atlantis.”

Check out Bryan’s project and show him some support if you are able. Stay up-to-date about all of Bryan’s books at his website.

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