Top Twos-Day: ADHD Awareness Month and Joseph Anton’s Memoir

Since September is ADHD Awareness Month and the kiblets have headed back to school, I wanted to bring a great resource for classroom teachers: Jonathan Chesner’s  ADHD in HD: Brains Gone Wild (Free Spirit Publishing, April 2012). Chesner was diagnosed with ADHD at the age 7 yet has been very successful as an actor and entrepreneur. Read an excerpt of his book or view his teaching strategies to pass along to parents of kids with ADHD.

Peek inside his book video:


Releasing today is Joseph Anton: A Memoir  by Salman Rushdie (Jonathan Cape, imprint of Random House). Rushdie used the name Joseph Anton for over a decade, while in hiding.  “Joseph Anton demonstrates Mr. Rushdie’s ability as a stylist and storyteller,” wrote Michael C. Moynihan in The Wall Street Journal. “It also serves as an important moral balance sheet.”  (Reuters: 9/16/12) Read what Rushdie is saying at his blog…


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  1. How incredibly interesting – each book – and such a contrast!
    Jonathan Chesner is a remarkable young man and his book is PRICELESS to others with ADHD.
    Joseph Anton aka Salman Rushdie – same thing – PRICELESS. How do we even imagine hiding over nine years from the threat of being murdered if discovered.
    Thank you for highlighting these books!

    1. Full of energy! Yes SCB, an excellent marketing idea…more and more peeps are creating interactive videos. What’s next? Apps for books: interactive kids’ apps are already out!

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