effective editing: ABCs and 123s

Over the years, I’ve developed my own method to explain editing. It’s simplistic enough to recall from memory using the power of three, as some people are fond of saying. Meaning: our brains have an ability to remember things in sets. If you can use this technique, you’ll conquer that editing pyramid I shared with you last week in effective editing: it’s not terminal, or is it? For the next six weeks I’ll drill down into each application with examples, as promised in this series intro, effective editing.

Here’s the roadmap:




One– dialogue

Two – rhythm and reason

Three– challenge, compare, and contain


Actions Benefit Characters!

Short and sweet this week, but put it to memory, they’ll be a test at the end of all of this. 😉

Egads! A triangle…am I stuck in geometrical prison? Perhaps, so program your friendly GPS to return here next week for application fun, and don’t forget to leave a comment. The editing giveaway is off to a great start – rules here – can’t wait to see the winners’ works (yes they’ll be more than one winner)!

namaste 🙂


the series:

effective editing intro

effective editing: it’s not terminal, or is it?

effective editing: A is for Action

effective editing: The Bs have it

effective editing: What do you C?

effective editing: One Disguise

effective editing: Two – Rhythm and Reason

effective editing: Three – challenge, compare, and contain

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    1. yeah, that’s another one, Mike…I hope this series allows writers to think about tweaking more than cutting, if the theory is in mind as the writer works? hmmm we’ll have to see. 🙂

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