Sunday Funny: The Work Week According To…

Discovered the perfect post for this week’s Sunday Funny thanks to

Christopher De Voss’ blog…

An Optimist’s View Of The Work Week

Monday – Fresh start! Time to get things done!
Tuesday – Yay! At least it’s not Monday!
Wednesday – Week is almost over!
Thursday – Tomorrow is Friday!
Friday – *singing Loverboy’s “Everybody’s working for the weekend”

A Pessimist’s View Of The Work Week

Monday – Ugh
Tuesday – Only One Day Away From Monday
Wednesday – Why is it only the middle of the week? Why is this week soooo long?
Thursday – Ugh, Not Friday
Friday – Damn, in two days it will be Monday again.

A Serial Killer’s View Of The Work Week

Monday – Got to kill someone. The voices are telling me to…
Tuesday – Do they know it’s me?
Wednesday – They know it’s me!
Thursday – I need a new place to hide the body!
Friday – Got to kill someone. The voices are telling me to…

A WordPress Addict’s View Of The Work Week

Monday – Oh, god! What am I going to write about?
Tuesday – Did my post suck? I only got three likes!
Wednesday – Checking stats….checking stats….checking stats…where’s Zimbabwe anyway?
Thursday – Got to catch up on everyone else’s blogs!
Friday – Why did the turduckin recipe get freshly pressed again?

Your Pet’s View Of The Work Week

Monday –
Dog – Let’s Play
Cat – Feed Me!
Fish – What’s that on the other side of the bowl?
Tuesday –
Dog – I love you
Cat – Who are you again?
Fish – Now that I’m on this side of the bowl, I wonder what’s that on the other side of the bowl?
Wednesday –
Dog – New Chew Toy?! OMG!!
Cat – I need my litter changed. ASAP!
Fish – I love when food falls from the sky!
Thursday –
Dog – The baby wants to play! Yay!
Cat – Keep that drooly kid away from me!
Fish – Is that a hand in my fish tank?
Friday –
Dog – I’m sorry I pooped on the carpet.
Cat – Dog is eating my turds like Butterfingers. Stupid dog.
Fish – *Floating at the top of the tank dead.

A Clumsy Mountain Climber Who Just Reached The Top Of Mt Everest, Only To Trip Over The Side Of It, View Of The Work Week

Monday – Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Tuesday – ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Wednesday – ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Thursday – oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Friday – *splat

A Gynecologist’s View Of The Work Week

Monday – Vagina
Tuesday – Vagina
Wednesday – Vagina
Thursday – Vagina
Friday – Golf 

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Funny: The Work Week According To…

  1. Roxie,
    Good ones! I forwarded these to my sister. I thought she’d enjoy them too.

    I went for a job interview on Friday. I think I could come up with a week’s worth of thoughts about that. It seems this makes a great writing prompt, no matter your circumstances.

  2. LOVE the diverse perspectives here – how fun these glimpses are – into others minds and itchy feeling being under their skin! So enjoyable! Thanks, Roxie!

      • Ahhh – that would be the continuing Introvert/Extrovert conversation with self – quite similar to schizophrenia, I’m sure:
        M: Answer, clean out, sort, move email folders after writing, printing story for critique group(s) – above all, do NOT physically interact with people.
        T: Ditto Mon. plus prepare story for Winthrop course – read, print, critique classmate stories, prepare watercolor project for art class after Winthrop – above all PREPARE to INTERACT with people.
        W: Ditto M&T- plus update silent auction (SA) list -respond to donors, print out bid sheets – beg for donations – INTERACT only if necessary.
        T: Ditto M,T,W- plus prepare manuscript for conference next month – as well as finish ekphrastic project for exhibit – if I’m driver in school pool to Winthrop, PREPARE to INTERACT w/people.
        F: Ditto M,T,W,T – TGIF – DO NOT HAVE TO INTERACT WITH ANYONE -but do everything I haven’t accomplished M,T,W,T staying up till about 3am – after dinner out with hubby, he knows I’ll just nod a lot.
        S: Ditto M,T,W,T. – especially F – as well as try to READ b/c I WILL NOT INTERACT with anyone unless provoked.
        S: Sleep In – Read paper – eat a real meal – speak and INTERACT ONLY IF AND WHEN I WANT to – smile a lot – maybe watch a mid-day movie, maybe take a nap – have a conversation with hubby and/or family member – maybe act like a normal person in between dittoing some of M,T,W,T,F when I forget that it is Sunday. Think about which days I’ll incorporate water aerobics which require INTERACTION prior to returning home, eating and starting my M,T,W,T,F’s!

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