Sunday Funny: Excuses, Excuses!

The annual top work excuses list from is out for 2012. “Twenty-nine percent of employers have checked up on an employee to verify that the illness is legitimate, usually by requiring a doctor’s note or calling the employee later in the day.” Does your absence excuse measure up to the popular explanations?

My favorite: “Employee got sick from reading too much.” ties with “Employee forgot he had been hired for the job.”

See the whole list here…

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  1. aloha Roxie. one place i worked had both “sick days” that could be accumulated (and if you didnt take them you got paid for them in addition to the days you actually worked) and 2 or 3 days a year that could be “taken for any reason” – meaning you didnt have to be sick to use them.

    i never used this excuse – in fact i rarely took any days off when i work for others – but one i always thought was interesting was this:

    Employee took sick day because he had to do his kid’s homework.

    …which leaves a lot of room for speculation.

    and… as a challenge it might be fun to come up with a few excuses… just in case you know…

    ha. aloha. and fun on.

      1. how about this one:

        Employee’s dog ate his doctor’s excuse. Employee had to miss another day to get the doctor to write the excuse again and the dog ate that one too.

        wait. i may have read that excuse some where… sheesh.

          1. nah. just trying to take my mind off SandyStorm. something to laugh over might help. Sandy is going to make a few super excuses for missing work I suspect. hopefully not too long for most people tho.

  2. Sorry I’m late in reading your post Roxie *panting*. I almost forgot that Sunday, amazingly, slots so precisely between Saturday and Monday *cringing*. Ralph x

  3. Roxie,
    Some employees feel they earned the days and therefore they’re entitled to them, whether they’re sick or not. Some take mental health days and maybe that’s not so bad. Who wants an employee at work who has a nasty attitude? Most part-time employees don’t earn sick leave. I would guess they miss less work because their absence hurts their pocketbook.

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