Sunday Funny: Is there really an election on Tuesday? I hadn’t heard…

Are we tired of the election madness? Poor little Abby is. Hear why she’s exhausted from Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney fighting…


Love this, sums up a bit of lighthearted wisdom! Take in all the signs, perhaps inspired to make a few for your yard for Tuesday!

Special thanks to Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge where I snagged this photo…

And before you vote, check out this clip:


If you can’t wait until Tuesday, vote today…for your favorite to star in the JibJab dance competition!

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  1. I wish you’d posted this sooner, Roxie. I didn’t know “Petey” was running! Just a missed opportunity.
    Sometimes we can only shake our heads and laugh as we wait for craziness to end.

  2. She is so cute and smart, it is getting crazy, I even stop going into my facebook…some friends have even unfriend each other it is crazy! I voted early last week. Thanks for the video.

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