Top Twos-Day: Frontal Assault

Last week I shared news from HarperCollins. Today, let’s peek into Macmillan’s portfolio. I heard through a college professor colleague that Macmillan was interested in acquiring Sapling Learning for their new arm Macmillan Venture. Sapling Learning offers integrated software applications for the interactive classroom. Well, now it’s a done deal: official press release here. In other news, Macmillan announced they will no longer offer a printed copy of their dictionaries. “‘Our research tells us that most people today get their reference information via their computer, tablet, or phone’ adds Stephen Bullon, Macmillan Education’s Publisher for Dictionaries, ‘and the message is clear and unambiguous: the future of the dictionary is digital.’” Just e-versions! hmmm, when a publisher quits publishing books – their explanation… Also a congratulations should be doled out: “Macmillan  Publishers (China) Ltd and 21st Century Publishing House Co. Ltd have announced the launch of Macmillan Century Consulting & Service Company Ltd, a joint venture in children’s publishing in China.” Awe, according to the latest data, Chinese parents prefer a girl, for their one child option, so I wonder what name these proud parents have chosen? Surely they can’t call her Macmillan Century Consulting & Service Company Ltd in school…something shorter, for her friends? The press release doesn’t divulge…

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the buzz surrounding David Petraeus’ new bio co-written by him and his ‘biographer’. I use quotes because as the story goes, this lady from my neck of the woods wanted to compose her dissertation and ended up with full access to General Petraeus. Gives us literary biographers a bad name…as she’s out pushing her book, leaving her two kids and hubs at home. Hmmm, can someone give me a whaaahuh?? Want to read Petraeus’ bio? All In: The Education of General David Petraeus {snicker} will release in paperback by Penguin in December. You just know Penguin’s counting stacks of greenbacks as the news of the affair broke. Better money tossed toward Penguin for the November release from Philip Pullman: Fairy Tales from Brothers Grimm.  A ‘must read’ “Pullman’s unique creative vision—and his beguiling retellings will draw you back into a world that has long cast a spell on the Western imagination.” Indeed, bravo Penguin.

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image by Roxie Hanna, all rights reserved

16 thoughts on “Top Twos-Day: Frontal Assault

    • appreciate you reading, Writerlious, been an interesting week for all the parties involved…
      btw, every time I see your pic I smile 🙂
      too much fun!

  1. And what is Petraeus’ money cut from this book venture? Hmm? Wow, what a marketing scheme galore! Oops what does it say about all the readers who will scoop the bio for all the dirt? Hmm? I bet the general and his mistress are delighted with all the press coverage. Penguin must be positively beside itself with glee.

  2. Great news for Macmillan. Not so great news for the general. I hope his education was worth the price of tuition. I will pass on that read – but do look forward to the real Fairy Tales of Brother Grimm!

  3. Roxie,

    Fascinating and disturbing what is going on with Petraeus. Based on what I’ve seen in the media, it seems like he’s being portrayed as a victim and his biographer like a Machiavellian manipulator, which perhaps she was. It’s sad and strange what events can help book sales.


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