Top Twos-Day: Kiss and Tell Under the Mistletoe

Happy Holiday Kick-off week! Hang some Mistletoe and chill out with this week’s latest news. Ooops, first Thanksgiving, right?

In the world of e-readers, much is the same, yet different. 

Kobo Minis will be on sale this Friday and Saturday (American Booksellers Association), promoting Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

Charlotte, North Carolina, hosts of the 2012 Democratic Convention, set economic development sights on Amazon’s Kindle, mailing 25 specially loaded devices targeting movers and shakers, (WSOC TV).

Over at Apple, the mega fruit received approval for a patent on ‘page turn’ (Bits: NYT blog). Yes, that’s what I said, the old-fashioned thumb and finger flick is now D670,713 “…titled, ‘Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface,’ [and] gives Apple the exclusive rights to the page turn in an e-reader application.” You thought I was going to mention the new Apple iPad mini, and perhaps make some jocular jab, “…for those needing greater capacity, iPad maxi releases in the spring” But I didn’t  😉

Barnes and Noble’s CEO William Lynch boasts about his Nook, and how he’s not reading physical books, but his wife is (Bloomberg). Poor gal, has to do things the archaic way…don’t tell Apple that she’s ‘turning pages’! More news from B&N: they’re canning their acquired Fictionwise sites, including, and See the company letter here, especially if you are expecting fourth quarter royalty checks!

And in book news, can’t pick just one, so you’re getting a trilogy.

Announced today, the winner of the top book chosen by readers in First Book’s Ten Books Every Child Should Own Contest  is…Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss!!!

Want to support Small Business Saturday with a book purchase?  Consider picking up of “My Bookstore: Writers Celebrate Their Favorite Places to Browse, Read, and Shop” (November 13, 2012, Black Dog & Leventhal) for yourself or someone on your gift list.

For those fanciers of fifty shades, check out Fifty Shades of Chicken: a parody in a cookbook by F.L. Fowler (November 13, 2012, Random House). “Like Anastasia Steele, Miss Chicken finds herself at the mercy of a dominating man…” 🙂 Hungry?!

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  1. Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. Okay. Nice first reader or learn to read book–but seriously not a book I consider “should own”. Just my viewpoint from some other ground than the voters. 🙂 My choice was To Kill a Mockingbird–something a tad bit more substantional than green eggs. Also, clearly not for beginning readers.
    Hungry? O hell, yes, I’m almost always “hungry” in one way or another.
    Namaste, Roxie.

    1. oh Eva, where’s that inner child when you need her? LOL
      my daughter still remembers when I got crazy one St. Patrick’s day and served all green food. It was amazing to see her reaction to a little food coloring. But it was inspired by Green Eggs and Ham, and omg I’d do it again!
      exactly what I had in mind when I asked the double entendre Q 😉

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