Top Twos-Day: Bonus Contest and Best Of 2012

Santa Checking His List

All of you who’ve crammed for NaNoWriMo, take heart, Amazon’s 6th Annual Breakthrough Novel Award Contest is solo…no more Penguin Partnership! Subs open January 4th, so sharpen that manuscript and submit early, only the first 10,000 entries will have a chance at the prize! In other news, Lion Hudson will launch a new imprint in the spring, Lion Fiction. Not Familiar with Lion Hudson? They are focused on a Christian market, “Lion Fiction invites Christian novelists to set their imagination loose in the telling of great stories.” Over at Barefoot Books, they’re diving into digital, after resisting the market. Barefoot launched their World Atlas for the app market, claiming, “…German and French and Japanese and Russian versions in the works.” (Publishing Perspectives  December 4, 2012.) As Martha Stewart would say, this is a good thing, and you can enter their contest to win a library’s worth of books here…

Giving a book for the upcoming holiday? What to be trendy or unique? Discover  Book Movement, a great place to follow reader’s choices, and maybe a new title. Or perhaps you want to know about the top choices in books for 2012 from some of industries trendsetters: Publisher’s Weekly Top 10 of 2012,  NY Times Best Sellers versus their Best Picks Books?  Speaking of lists, there’s no surprise who Amazon’s got topping their list; different from both Barnes and Noble (who breaks it down into genres and age), and Goodreads (different, but no surprise there either). Still can’t decide on the right book? Check out Slate’s Staff Picks or the very unique Most Overlooked Books, and for the YA readers, the Top Ten Best for Young Adults from YALSA. Lastly, the 2012 Notable Children’s Books from the American Library Association always has supreme picks.

Love reading but need a push? Discover or create your own challenge: read a book a week, 12 in 12 months, etc…be inspired by this year’s 52 Books in 52 Weeks Blog and A Novel Challenge, where Social Justice Day in February is on the calendar.

Tis’ the season for lists; which books have your read, or are on your to-read, to-give, or to-receive list?

More Top Twos-Days…

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  1. I am giving 2 different bloggers’ books for gifts in an effort to support the authors and come up with unique gifts. Hopefully they won’t read this…The Seneca Scourge by Carrie Rubin and Of Rulers and Ruled by Paul J Stam.

  2. Hello Roxie. I think you know what I’ve been reading lately. An blog update is in order though. In the future I do hope to receive a copy of Paul Kingsnorth’s novel The Wake from Unbound after it reaches the necessary number of pledges–people who are willing to put money where their eyes wish to travel. It’s at 78% so I’m hopefull it will attract 117 more interested readers for publication.
    Reading a novel-or any other book- a week is no small feat for many folks these days. It’s easier if the tv is off and you’re not addicted to watching movies online. 🙂 Who me? Neverrrrrrr.
    Thanks for another interesting grab bag of book information.

    1. Great idea, crowdsourcing…let me know when it happens, also would love to hear your thoughts after you read it.
      You’re exactly right, too much TV causes the brain to shrink, ooops I said that aloud. 😉 Though movies online don’t have the same effect.

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