Top Twos-Day: Loose Change

It has been said that the novel is the last format which is sacred: no one has dared to redefine it. Yet if one considers British novelist Sebastian Faulks’ latest, A Possible Life: A Novel In Five Parts (Henry Holt and Co.), the novel definition (yes, poor pun) emerges and morphs. A new, not-so-easy-to-grasp connection drives this work. Worth checking out: for the reader to judge, the critic to assign, and the author to profit. Reviewer Arlice Davenport writes, “…has Faulks finally brought the novel up to speed with the modernist movement that invincibly invigorated other art forms in the 20th century?” (The Wichita Eagle, Saturday, January 12, 2013.)

Not one for worrying about book stores closing at a rapid rate, Essex Books approaches sales in their unique way: The Big Book Club Getaway February 1-2, 2013. The reports that this inaugural event, “…is packed with best-selling, award-winning authors who will talk with attendees about their fiction and nonfiction works.” Conceived by three residents, an indie bookstore, and a former Major League Baseball player, the star-lined event is hosted at a casino with the whopping admission price of $100/person in advance, as high as $125 at the door, and dropping to $75 for librarians and others. For that, attendees can expect, among other sweet deals, “…There are panels on every subject: sports, romance, mystery and suspense. Sex therapists will converse about the “Fifty Shades of Grey” phenomenon.” Sounds like the place to be in Connecticut, get your tickets folks, the doctor is in!

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