Top Twos-Day: Shakespeare on DNA and Stephen King’s Gun Control

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Two guys walked into a bar…

Yes, and they thought about how to store data, scribbling over a second beer, deciding on decoding DNA. Two scientists from the European Bioinformatics Institute, Ewan Birney and Nick Goldman, wrestled with the four nucleotides commonly abbreviated as A, C, G and T. “They published their results in the journal Nature, joining other groups who have experimented with DNA storage. George Church, a geneticist at Harvard who helped start the Human Genome Project, encoded an HTML file of his latest book into DNA earlier this year.” (NPR’s Adam Cole, January 24, 2013.) Storage solutions, even Crick and Watson would be amazed!

On a somber note, Stephen King released a 99-cent Kindle exclusive in response to his previous novel RAGE. The essay, GUNS, is his defense to the alleged tie between RAGE and four school-based shootings. King is quoted in an article by Jason Boog from GalleyCat, “You don’t leave a can of gasoline where a boy with firebug tendencies can lay hands on it.” (Media Bistro, January 24, 2013.)

King also said, “My book did not break (them) or turn them into killers; they found something in my book that spoke to them because they were already broken.”  Read the entire article in USA Today.

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6 thoughts on “Top Twos-Day: Shakespeare on DNA and Stephen King’s Gun Control

  1. How cool. Data storage really shrinking.
    Thanks for the heads up to the article by King Stephen King does have some great points. Broken people will see things differently.(Reading in a book may push the imagination – violent images graphically shown on screens…there’s a big difference?).
    As I recall Mr King lives in a really nice spot so his reality is based on his experiences (but even he has to watch out for cars). Here, daily home invasions are being done by gangs of 3-6 so they can quickly ransack, locate valuables, and carry out large TV’s and lots of stuff to waiting car. They are able to hit multiple homes on a block with burglar alarms blaring and be gone before the cops arrive.
    The violence, anger, and lawlessness in society must be addressed – and I am so glad high profile people like Mr Kings are standing up with calm reason. Hopefully people will listen to those like Stephen King with respected voices and logical messages.
    Once again you are locating the cutting edge info for us. Thanks!

    • Data shrinking and crime increasing…you’re spot on Phil, crime seems to pay, and yet we’ve haven’t turned into a society filled with more criminals than decent, law-abiding peeps. Perhaps the pendulum is swinging to address selfish violent angry folks and yet keep our freedom of speech in tact. Waiting this one out, as usual, to see what happens next. Appreciate your thoughts.

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