Sunday Funny: Super What?

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All eyes will be on the Super Bowl this afternoon, but not for the reasons you think. We don’t care who’s playing (see, my tongue is in my cheek), the bet this year is about whether Beyoncé will lip-sync or sing!

Since the Bowl Game is not as important, I thought we’d play a game, to Bowl or not to Bowl, real or fake Bowl games. To cut Beyoncé some slack, of course, and place the emphasis back where it belongs, on a bunch of guys prancing left and right in tight little outfits, trying to hold on to a weirdly-shaped ball. Sounds almost like ballet, without the ball.

Ready? Real or Fake:

Poi Bowl?

Refrigerator Bowl?

Toilet Bowl? (just had to toss that one out!)

Speaking of toss, what about the Salad Bowl?

Compass Bowl?

Poinsettia Bowl?

To find the answers…

To Bowl Game or Not To Bowl Game, that is the question…

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