Sunday Funny: wired

Wonder what’s inside a cat’s mind?

All those catnaps yield one busy brain: best explanation…visual!

cat's brain

don't let the sleeping cat fool you...
don’t let the sleeping cat fool you…

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  1. Love this. It is a pretty accurate model of the feline brain. I am with Claire – that part that drives the paws under the bed grabbing, snagging, clawing at my toes! And the Flying Squirrel part – as I watch my Jesse leap and fly in pursuit of soaring mousies!

    1. ooooh, trueeee, flying squirrel or as we call it the ninja move! Sirra, above in photo is by far the best at that of all the kitties we’ve had. so cool Jesse is adding entertainment to your life, Ann!

    1. yes, that’s uncanny, or sixth sense that kitty’s have, plus when something in a room is moved, they’re the first to notice something’s up, again, they sense it.

  2. Yes — the ‘infatuation with people who hate cats’ part of the cat’s brain — hahaha! It’s not that I hate cats, I just don’t need the ones I’m allergic to to be rubbing all up on me as they tend to do.

    We had two cats when I was a kid. Ichabod and Wallace — after that — for some reason I became allergic to cats — not all but a lot of them.

  3. So funny Roxie. There is also the part of a cat’s brain that tells the cat to zig-zag between your legs when you’re carrying a pile of plates. Also that your favourite chair is theirs forever. Ralph x

    1. most definitely, or any other items highly breakable! hmmm, yes, now that you mention it Ralph, the most comfortable chair, usually one which shows the most cat hair remnants, LOL

  4. How about the predator section and the “I OWN this Person So Get OUT!” Section? Hmm? Clearly this diagram is lacking in the darker areas of the feline mentality. But it’s fun anyway.

  5. OMGosh – where’s the ‘paws from underneath the bed’ section, as bed-maker walks around tucking in the covers?! How I miss our household’s ‘Butterscotch’ aka ‘Butter’ – what a really great cat. I miss his whacking paws – playing hide-and-go-seek with me – as I made the bed each day – and my kids laughing in the distance, listening to my expletives every time he landed one on my foot or ankle.
    It’s been a long, long time since you’ve been gone, Butter – and we still miss you, still talk about you, and YES, my kids are still laughing about the bed-making fiasco each morning!!

    1. gosh, that’s right, mine loves burrowing under the covers and then chasing feet, either on top or under the blankets, and lurk under beds, sofas and chairs. Butterscotch sounded divine, the kids have a fab memory of mom and her crazy antics, LOL

  6. OMG! This is sooooo my cats although with the invention of flip top cat food, they don’t react to can openers anymore. They have converted that section into supersonic hearing for flip top cans. Progress!

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