Please Pass Me a Publisher

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I realize it has been awhile since I last updated you on the progress of my transition from ghostwriter and editor to publisher. Your patience and discretion have been appreciated.

This month is odd, it began with the summons to jury duty, only I wasn’t called, hehehe. Suppose they didn’t like the idea of all those cases inspiring works for publication. Oh, no worries, the names would be changed

That gave me back valuable time, which I penciled in block sections to spend finishing projects, contemplating decisions, amid varying yet important time-munchers. And then I erased that map, as lovely as it was.

In reality, the week is ending on a nasty note: fever, aches, sore throat, stuffy-runny nose, sneezing up a storm and I’m out of Kleenex. But I digress. *sniffle*

At the beginning of the pre-cold week, I met with a board to help plan a local writing workshop. And a committee I’m on with another local group is gearing up to host our first speaker of 2013. Have I mentioned how important it is to be a part of the community as writers? Hmmm, probably could share this cold with them, after all I like to give more than I receive. 😉

Add that to my schedule for the publishing company’s launch, and hopefully that explains my absence. Not excuse, mind you, for that’s another post:  Sunday Funny – Excuses, Excuses…

Back to topic. Here’s the rundown on where the company stands:

Name known by scarce few, (and if you divulge, well, they’ll be no champagne for you at the party!) to be revealed asap. We’re now a three imprint firm: children’s, fiction (commercial and literary), plus nonfiction/poetry. Each imprint has an awesome team, working as I speak, (or off sipping coffee, answering a phone or writing a memo, but certainly not shopping, or anything nonwork-related). 😛

Our submission’s team is in place, the gals are super-awesome, perhaps you’ll be encouraged to know that they are friendly, customer-oriented, and writers, very familiar with navigating the painful submission process.

Acquisition’s team is filling in nicely, I still need one more member to round out my goal. Though, please, this is not a request for you wonderfully talented peeps to send resumes. Just know that we’re a work-in-progress, subject to edits and cuts, additions and revisions, exactly like your work!

And the editorial staff, including two crack word-detectives, is securely on the case! Other departments, including social media specialists, marketing moguls, and distribution dynasts are shaping up, creating a pleasing polychromatic talent pool.

Dynamic duos of lawyers, accountants, and others fill in the paperwork gap. Whew, no wonder I’m not getting much sleep, always in a meeting or on my way to one! But we’re close, yes we are.

Bottom line: Although we are not open for submissions at this time, we should have a great selection of works available at launch. As soon as the website unveils, I’ll share it, umm, shout it here! And you can bet I’ll let everyone know when we open for subs!


32 thoughts on “Please Pass Me a Publisher

  1. Good luck!
    Perhaps I’ll send a pitch your way someday.
    Would you be interested in the work of a bellman-turned-blogger-turned-author? I truly believe my work could reach to the next level if I only had some help. My decision to self-publish was born of desperation rather than practicality.

    In retrospect, I should have kept fighting, but after being ignored more times than I can count, I moved forward on my own. I think I need to reach out. Maybe we can help each other, Roxie?

    • you take that language back this instant young lady!
      hehehe, you’re way, way off base, Ann, you’re the superwoman in the group! hope your wrist is mending well.

  2. Roxie,

    This is all so exciting! I am so sorry that you are sick. Hopefully you can knock out that cold and be back at 100% soon. Feel better!

    = ) Becky

  3. aloha and way cool Roxie. and well being health on you (okay and just plain cold ease too).

    yeah, no wonder that cold marked you.

    wow on your progress. that’s the way cool part. best wishes on your Unrevealed Name Press publishing company. aloha.

    • mahalo, Rick! yeah, saw sucker on my forehead and jumped right on me! They say those who are busy juggle much, and are given more, LOL.
      Thanks, unveiling TBA 🙂

  4. Hey Roxie. Nearly there !! Fantastic !! You say, “I still need one more member to round out my goal.” That will be the tea boy then. Resume/CV in the teabag 😉 Good luck !! Ralph x

    • I do appreciate that, Linda, thanks for the offer, bought three boxes of the softest with lotion ‘puffs’ I could find, scattered them around the house and now I’m working again, LOL!

  5. Hi Roxie,
    It’s no wonder you contracted a cold.
    My head is spinning just getting a glimpse in all that needs to be done.
    Looking forward to your big announcement.
    P.S. Get well soon! 🙂

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