Top Twos-Day: Unconventional Deals

photo by R. L. Hanna all rights reserved

Return of Riggio, Chairman Leonard Riggio that is. What goes around comes around…or does it? Riggio bought B & N some forty years ago, and rumor has it that he may be interested in purchasing with his right hand what his left hand owns. Read the press release from B & N, or more at Shelf Awareness. And while you’re hanging out at Shelf Awareness, scroll past B & N’s story to check out the stats for books based on October’s sales.

Two annual meetings this week.  The ABA’s Eighth Annual Winter Institute met even though the city was powdered by inches of snow. Authors addressing censorship yesterday included Sherman Alexie (The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian) and Laurie Halse Anderson (Speak). More about their discussion at Shelf Awareness (scroll down). Second: The Association of American Publishers  gathers Thursday, for a half-day meeting at McGraw-Hill Conference Center titled Innovative Solutions for Historic Challenges. In focus are important issues: education, global copyright and congress. Yes that’s what I said. Closing keynote speaker Olympia Snowe, Senator for Maine, tackles the topic: OVERCOMING PARTISANSHIP IN CONGRESS. Very important in the publishing industry, don’tcha think?

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One thought on “Top Twos-Day: Unconventional Deals

  1. I don’t know about you, Roxie, but I’ve had my fill of snow!
    By the way, I’ve sent you a brief glimpse of my next project. If you need me to flesh it out, just let me know.
    As always, good luck with your new path, my friend!

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