Sunday Funny: Sign of the Times?

underwear model





making memories

no smoking

skiing caution

pregnancy warning

no soliciting

farm neighbors

students texting

Hope you get a giggle!

granter of giggles

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Special thanks and shoutout to  

SIR RALPH at Bluefish Way.



23 thoughts on “Sunday Funny: Sign of the Times?

  1. Hey Roxie, too funny. Each one stand alone laughter,. I am “leaning in” towards (sorry been reading Sandberg – re: my assignment lol) the bacon sign however they are all excellent for producing instant smiles. Thank you my friend for brightening my day! 🙂

    • love that, Penny! hmmm, I hope you’re enjoying the assignment? I was sipping water when I about snorted it out my nose as I read some of them, should know better than to read Ralph’s email and drink, LOL!

      • Ralph’s sense of humor is most excellent. The assignment is proving “interesting”! There is certainly every kind of book out there right now discussing the same topic, coming up with a way to carry the message home, that is truly original (has a hook), timely, interesting and most of all does impart the wisdom … yes, i did figure out a way to do it finally 🙂 !!!

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