Goodbye Hello!

It’s been called March Madness.

Not the basketball games, but the time-change!

Plus many other things for me this month, beginning with a trip to Alabama two weeks ago Thursday. Because I live in EST, when I crossed the border between Georgia and Alabama, my phone changed time, allowing me to gain an hour, as I traveled.

Naturally, when I returned home, I lost that hour. Plus the hour from our biannual clock change.

Not strange you say…I agree. But I had many appointments scheduled, and those shifted an hour back, then forward, well, most of them.

Some did not.

Makes me think of Muse’s new song MADNESS…

Go ahead, let it play while you read 🙂

Madness number one. Yes, I was an hour early for an appointment. Fortunately, I figured it out. My graphic artist was not late. He delivered, whoohooo, my publishing company’s logo!

I scanned my phone, adjusting additional appointments as necessary. 

just the two of us

just the two of us

By the time I met with my daughter, who is expecting the first grandchild, my phone calendar was back to normal. We sampled food at a venue for her baby shower. That spot didn’t work out; we’re still searching for settings, but hopeful. 

Madness number two: I had an unexpected conversation with my lawyer to discuss an author who felt the need to threaten me into signing him with my publishing company. Up to that point, we were in contract negotiations.

Lemme jess say, I choose to work with people who have gentle spirits and are interested in “paying it forward.”  *Knock, knock on the noggin* Hellooooo, what do you think you are doing???  Guess who’s not getting a contract?

All was not lost with that distraction, because my lawyer referred me to a writer who is really interested in switching to my company to represent his work, someone who is community-minded and very talented. Love it when karma profits.

Madness number three, for they say that’s how it happens: the power went out, at dusk. During a storm. I ran around with a flashlight turning off everything I thought was on before the outage.

Yet when the power did come back on, my house looked like aliens arrived, flashes of light awakened me around 2:00 am. The bedroom aquarium began signaling red and green as if to say the fish traffic desired control. The alarm system bleeped to let me know it was happy, and off battery back-up, winking an iridescent aquamarine. The washer and dryer, computer equipment, and stereo stuff were an assortment of arcs dancing through the night sky, with clicking taunts in nonsequential intervals.

don't let the sleeping cat fool you...

don’t let the sleeping cat fool you…

Poor kitties, Sirra and Reno were jolted by the sights and sounds. We all suffered from jittery nerves and lack of sleep but only I collected cat scratches on my arms, for they were nestled nearby before the space ship landed.

Hyper-alert now, I’m prepared for whatever madness comes next. My daughter got me in the spirit with a punching bag and a pair of boxing gloves. For my birthday. 😆

I toast the ending of another week, one I am thrilled to see disappear. Cheers, my friends! With a hearty HELLOOOO to the future, for nothing is wasted, all things come together and blend into something new, like a Meritage, which is delicious, btw.





13 thoughts on “Goodbye Hello!

  1. Oh Roxie, you have had a lot of craziness this month! I seriously hope you have a wonderful, *normal* final week of March, and that you enjoy a nice glass of wine this weekend!

  2. Best birthday present ever! (Someone really knows you?)
    That lack of power paragraph certainly capture the frenzy…it never fails, you think you’ve turned everything of…but there always some really loud jolt once the power comes back on UGH
    Great music – glad the logo arrived and was applauded.
    (and a sign me or else? Seriously? Backing (gladly) away from that one…may he be distracted immediately and annoy someone else )

    • yes indeed, Phil, been working up quite a sweat with the whole getup.
      Super glad everything was saved, didn’t loose any data…made the earlier incident laughable, yes sign me or else.
      Really appreciate your support, wise friends are precious!

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