Sunday Funny: Happy Birthday!

It’s my birthday weekend, and I thought: what better gift than to offer books on this special day. But then I wondered how I could share a multitude of choices to a variety of readers.

Ah ha! I found the solution…as a start-up traditional publisher, I will share the book birthing process!

I give you “How a book is born…”



thanks to Weldon Owen Publishing

image from Weldon Owen Publishing


Huge kudos to Weldon Owen Publishing: check ‘em out!


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47 thoughts on “Sunday Funny: Happy Birthday!

    • yay, ST, glad to draw you away from FB for a brief peek here! appreciate your time, and watch out for those goat farmers, they’re baaaad luck, LOL

    • thanks Becky, beautiful for sure! Glad you like the chart, almost didn’t use it as a Sunday Funny because I didn’t want to depress anyone 🙂

  1. Happy Birthday!! The chart is as colorful and busy as the art gallery we both attended this weekend. Hope the birthday fun continued, and wishing all the best to you and hubby as you wait for the birth of that grandbaby! Thank goodness it’ll be easier than the birth of a book! Happy Birthday!!

  2. Hope you had a great Birthday. I love he chart. No wonder many of us have little success with editors retiring to the countryside in disgust.I would have liked to be traditionally published but could I have coped with the guilt of what I’d do to an editor? We’ll never know.

  3. Happy Birthday Roxie !! Wow. That chart gave me a headache 😉 Goat farm here I come if I was a publisher 😀 But there are bound to be only three boxes on your chart. 1.Presentation. 2. Don’t mess with me 3. Publish and be damned !! 😉

  4. and a Very Happy Birthday!
    I hope it is…
    filled with Faerie Wishes
    sealed with Butterfly Kisses
    surrounded by families and friend
    laughter that no end
    dancing in the rain or playing in sun
    or making snow angel to add to the fun
    whatever you wish for
    I hope you receive it and so much more!
    Take Care…You Matter…
    Blessed Be

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