Top Twos-Day: Toss Me a Funny Bone

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An OMG moment on Monday, April Fool’s Day when Shelf Awareness rocked the world with their awesome articles: The Big Six Become Big One, and many other pieces tickle the funnee bone. “One, under the aegis of Random House, combines HarperCollins and Hachette and will be called Random Ha Ha, while the other, under Penguin, comprises Macmillan and Simon & Schuster, and will be called SSMac Penguin.” Teehee, who can get better than this for sheer delight? How ‘bout this,  “In one of its first moves, Random Ha Ha/SSMac Penguin indicated that it is absorbing Bookish, which will be rebranded ReallyGoodReads.” Now that’s creative nonfiction!

On a serious note, the world will not be the same now that Amazon is owner of Goodreads. Nope, as we know it, it is different. How, you ask? The Guardian reports Authors Guild and others are not thrilled, “…The key is to eliminate or absorb competitors before they pose a serious threat,” said [Scott] Turow, [Authors Guild President] “With its 16 million subscribers, Goodreads could easily have become a competing online bookseller, or played a role in directing buyers to a site other than Amazon. Instead, Amazon has scuttled that potential and also squelched what was fast becoming the go-to venue for online reviews…”

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  1. I was seriously wondering if the news of Amazon buying Goodreads was actually an April Fool’s joke–this is definitely going to be interesting!

    Thanks for the “Big One” funnies! I love the name “Random Ha Ha!” = )

    1. Talk about creative writers! But, the down side of Goodreads/Amazon merger is serious, all that information is gathered now to use as a marketing tool, egads!!!

  2. No worries Roxie. Those companies will be little fish in your BIG POND 😀 And don’t forget to post my consultancy bonus when that happens 😉 Ralph xox

    1. hehehe, Ralph, what a thought! you keep holding onto it for me, you’re my biggest cheerleader, rah, rah, thank you sir! Oh, the bonus checks are in the mail 😆

        1. appreciate it much, Ralph…just reading the latest you sent, getting the lead out, nice! what does my pencil say about me, I wonder…

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