Sunday Funny: sometimes inspiration brings more smiles

Sunday Funny:  sometimes inspiration brings more smiles

This week, spring is in the air…and so is joy. Today’s post is more for those who could use a smile instead of the hearty belly laugh. I hope you all are inspired!




Seven Wonders



the list of seven


gathering votes



one student


what do you have



I think



to see



to hear



to taste



to feel


to laugh


to love



quiet room






most precious


More Sunday Funnies…


granter of gigglesYes, this is compliments of SIR RALPH at Bluefish Way !



    1. I read it again over the weekend, and then again today…seems to be my go to inspiration, besides my close buds, thanks mamabean, for being one of those good friends!

      1. Ditto baby! 🙂 Now, give me that pickle!! No, really, I mean it! Um…I ain’t leaving without that pickle! (This said in a head-bob attitude) 😉

    1. true wonders, like friends and our SCBWI group, where we hit many of those on the list! Looking forward to seeing everyone this Friday, Ann!

    1. totally right, shapelle, but then there’s the right moment to read it, and BAM the two-by-four slams into the brain: yep this is what life is about. Thanks for hanging out! BTW, that post of yours is excellent thanks for introducing me to you!

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