Top Twos-Day: Here We Go A-Publishing

view from my room


I’m in New Orleans this week, and love the view off my balcony…oh I may never go home! The food, the atmosphere, it’s FABulous! But I’m working! 🙂

One of the blogs I subscribe to is my friend Joan Edwards’s NEVER GIVE UP site. A recent post caught my eye titled, 18 PUBLISHERS WHO ACCEPT UNSOLICITED MANUSCRIPTS. This great resource is worth your time, not just for this piece, but she’s chock full of writing suggestions, encouragement, and support. Read more…

Snippets, shorts, and sections are the wave of the future, thanks to slicing and dicing techniques offered by embedding code in eBooks. Slicebooks, around for a few years, is gaining momentum, “The Slicebooks tool is a web service enabling publishers to chunk books into customizable and ready-to-publish slices in a few easy steps…Currently Slicebooks operates eBookPie, which was the first retail ebook platform offering content ‘whole or sliced.’” Full article from Publishing Perspectives here…

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photo by Roxie Hanna, all rights reserved 2013


  1. Dear Roxie,
    Thank you for sharing the link to my blog post 18 Publishers Who Accept Unsolicited Manuscripts. I hope it inspires you and your readers to submit a manuscript this month.

    Thanks for the link to Slicebooks. It sound intriguing. I’m headed there to check it out.

    Celebrate you and your gift of getting people and ideas together!
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards

    1. Dear Ann,
      Thanks for thanking Roxie for promoting my blog post! You are so sweet.

      Celebrate your thoughtfulness!
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

  2. I was in New Orleans a couple of months ago. We stayed in the garden district. I’m going to have to post the rest of my photos. Have a great time. I’m trying not to think about the beignets.

    1. any chance I get, I’ll send peeps her way 🙂 she’s a gem! glad you’re finding Slicebooks interesting, definitely the future!

    2. Dear Linda,
      Thanks for thanking Roxie for promoting my list of publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts. Celebrate your thoughtfulness!

      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

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