Top Twos-Day: spring has sprung

spring tulips

Tonight is World Book Night, where readers pass out paperback books to encourage reading. Are you participating? How you can be involved…

Now on to the top two items to cross my desk this week.

One of the major marketplaces to swap info, rights, and snipes is at the London Book Fair. Publisher’s Perspectives contributor Porter Anderson pulls the curtain back to reveal typical sniping, which may be shocking to newbie authors. Last year the attacks were focused on self-publishers, and this year, well you know you want to read it…

No brakes needed, on the Penguin Random House deal, as yet another approval stamp, from the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Canadian Competition Bureau slips into place, according to Mark Medley at the National Post. More here… Just China is left, standing alone against the merger, for now. Catch the backstory about the EU’s approval and others…

More Top Twos-Days…



  1. I am a World Book Night Giver –book choice, The Phantom Tollbooth. My local public library acted as the distributor of the books “to” me. The 20 copies I received are being given to an elementary class at a school on Pine Ridge Reservation–where there are no bookstores or public libraries. I urge anyone interested in books and sharing the love of reading to consider participating in the next World Book Night.

    1. yay, Eva! yes, please do, many writers, readers too, don’t know about this event.
      The local papers should be doing write-ups, but I know mine isn’t.
      Starting the word for 2014…that’s what we’re doing 🙂

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